Artemio T. Lomboy Jr.

Beloved son of Artemio, Sr. and Lourdes (preceded in death on September 29, 1992). Artemio was also known by friends as Art. Family lovingly refers to him as Junior and Big Papi. Junior is survived by a family who he loved ferociously —his father, Artemio, Sr., (Myrna) brothers and sisters (Emily –Tony), (Arthur –Donna), (Annabel –KD), and (Robert –Andrea), Annalyn, and Mark Joseph along with countless nephews, nieces, and great nephews who adored their uncle. Andrea (grandchildren, Jaelyn, Jhon-Nay) and Patricia, his daughters , were his heart and deepest blessing. Countless others mourn with us—too numerous to mention by name. Artemio T. Lomboy, Jr., has returned to his Creator’s arms and sweet mother’s embrace (Lourdes) on November 10, 2020 at 11:30 pm.

His sunrise began on June 17, 1962—born in Fort Carson, Colorado. Junior was a lifelong resident of Seaside, California. Junior attended Monterey High School and worked during a 21-year career as a Camarero at Crown & Anchor. There he gained countless friends who also mourn our family’s huge loss as well. Kind, compassionate, fun-loving, giving, and life-of-the-party are just a few words that describe our brother. Junior was an avid Raiders, Lakers, and Dodgers fan. He loved 70 and 80’s music, food, the Pacific Islands, and the Monterey Bay area the most. Over the past year, Junior developed a renewed sense of spirituality and faith in Jesus Christ.

Transformation from the inside was evident as he became more aware of the need of a relationship with the Lord as his personal Savior. He frequently, talked about healing, prayers, and loved to send encouraging messages to others. After a brief hospitalization in May of this year, he courageously fought to recover despite the hardship it presented. To our great dismay, Junior unexpectedly succumbed to health complications.

Join us in remembering Artemio with all your great memories and fun times. One of his last words of encouragement he sent his family was from one of his favorite songs called, “Jesus is Love.” The first few stanzas say, “Father, help your children and don’t let them fall by the way side of the road. Teach them to love one another that heaven finds a place in their hearts. ‘causeJesus is love and He won’t let you down—and, I know He’s mine forever in my heart.”“Our prayer is his prayer—that you may know JESUS as LOVE, forever in your heart.

"We pray that the streams of your tears refresh sweet and precious memories of our loved one. This loss will leave a hole in our hearts that can never be fulfilled, but we are grateful for the thought of knowing that his sunset illuminated the entrance of heaven."

We are aware of your love, support, prayers, and strength that you all have offered. Our appreciation can never be measured—we say, “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts